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Meet the clients...

Scarlett, now known as "Officer Scarlett" (SOLD)
2005 Priesian Mare (Friesian/Percheron)
Former dressage partner turned crime-fighter for the Madison Police Department
Best known for: Supermodel eyelashes, playful nature, and desire to consume anything in sight (watch your nose)!
Formerly owned/loved by Susan Wester

1989 Thoroughbred gelding
Semi-retired dressage/jump companion
Best known for: Places to go-people to see, canter canter CANTER (canter some more)!
Owned/loved by Jessica O'Connor
Photo courtesy of Rick Bate

Ricky, aka Reflective
1992 Arabian Gelding
Best known for: That beautiful Arabian face, enjoying time spent with his teen and adult owners, and exerting only the required amount of effort necessary
Loved by everyone

Aimee (SOLD)
1998 Pinto Mare
Dressage companion
Best known for: Greeting her caregivers at the gate, quick-moving legs, and showing off her lateral work.
Formerly owned/loved by Karen Mihara

Clyde (SOLD)
2004 American Sport Pony
YR Hunter/jumper prospect
Best known for: Eating his Wheaties, an exuberant canter, and a healthy spooking response (he will not be caught by any dragons)!
Formerly owned/loved by Mallory Gorman

Cash, aka Classic Cash
1986 Thoroughbred Gelding
Retired Dressage competitor and ex-race horse
Best known for: Ordering human servants around, chameleon-type personality, and the smartest creature in the world (of course)!
Owned/loved by Kristina Lee

Shiva, aka TR Gold Coast (SOLD)
2005 Arabian Mare
Western pleasure (though she's a very cute hunter, too)
Best known for: Her stunning beauty, a mane and tail every woman is envious of, and being spirited on the job.
Formerly owned/loved by Emily Guerard

Sonny, aka Miss Sonny Benefit
1989 AQHA Mare
Multi-talented companion
Best known for: A good gallop around (and around) the arena, trying anything new, and being a great mom.
Owned/loved by Emily Guerard

Sundance (SOLD)
2008 AQUA Buckskin Colt
Best known for: Being adorable, a tough guy, and eating his Wheaties (or alfalfa; he's not picky)
Formerly owned/loved by Emily Guerard

Aggie, aka Silvertip
2004 Friesian Mare
Best known for: Gorgeous mane and tail, personable nature, and regional beauty queen
Owned/loved by Gin and Geoff McAlister

1989 Thoroughbred mare
Dressage/jump companion
Best known for: Endless energy, strong work ethic, and many years as a jumping mentor
Owned/loved by Nicky and Nick Sharrow